Gita Verses Audio

Chapter-wise Audio (MP3 Files) of Mool Slokas (Original Verses) of Bhagavad Gita sung by Anuradha Paudwal.

   Description Size (Mb)
[SND] 01 – BG Chapter 1.mp3 24M
[SND] 02 – BG Chapter 2.mp3 23M
[SND] 03 – BG Chapter 3.mp3 14M
[SND] 04 – BG Chapter 4.mp3 16M
[SND] 05 – BG Chapter 5.mp3 10M
[SND] 06 – BG Chapter 6.mp3 16M
[SND] 07 – BG Chapter 7.mp3   11M
[SND] 08 – BG Chapter 8.mp3 10M
[SND] 09 – BG Chapter 9.mp3 19M
[SND] 10 – BG Chapter 10.mp3 22M
[SND] 11 – BG Chapter 11.mp3 31M
[SND] 12 – BG Chapter 12.mp3 11M
[SND] 13 – BG Chapter 13.mp3 18M
[SND] 14 – BG Chapter 14.mp3 14M
[SND] 15 – BG Chapter 15.mp3 12M
[SND] 16 – BG Chapter 16.mp3 13M
[SND] 17 – BG Chapter 17.mp3 14M
[SND] 18 – BG Chapter 18.mp3 39M

Courtesy : T-Series

15 Responses

  1. Namaste. Do you happen to have a better version of Anuradha Paudwal’s Gita? May be in 224kb/s quality?

  2. My e-mail is . Let me know. Renu.

  3. A Gita extempore/Improptu competetion will be held in
    Sanskrit Bhavan,Near Aralikatte Circle,Salgame Road,Hassan-573102,Karnataka,INDIA on
    28-11-2009,Saturday from Morning 8 am.
    sumptuous Prasadam and prizes and free Bhagavad Gita will be distributed for all attendees.
    All are welcome from all over India.

    Contact Phone No: Dr.S.Kalyana Sundaram
    Mob :9035252696

  4. gita audio chapter 14 is only half workink.

    thank you

  5. it is very good sung by anuradha

    Thank you

  6. Respected sir,
    This is realy good sung by Anuradhaji.Would u send these songs to my e-mail.
    One humble request please spread Gita Gyan to all over in India.Because new generation have been abeted and spoiled by western culture. I am always ready to hepl you.Conduct Gita lectures in marathi,english,kannada,gujarati,hindi etc. in all language so every one can understand. Thanks…..

  7. Waiting for reply

  8. Namaskara

    Srimadh Bhgavad Gita sung by Smt.Anuradha Paduwal to the accompaniment of melodius music are both soul stirring.Earlier,nearly two years back, i used to hear daily atleast one chapter per day, online by logging on to that site is now not available,i don’t for what reason.Today i have come across this site and am hearing the First Chapter,but it seems due to some technical snag sometimes recording stops.My request is,please set it right.And many thanks for making these precious recordings available to the Gita worshippers.

  9. Very melodious and clear pronounciation.

  10. Very nice sound and music, the best I could find searching the internet.

  11. The Gita sung bu Anuradha Paudwal is the best song I have been hearing for last many years. This is something I have preserve to be hearing at the time of the last breath I take.

  12. Hari om,

    A lot of thanks for such a great collection.

  13. In this Chapterwise Audio (MP3) files of the original
    Bhagavad-Gita Slokas sung by Anuradha Paudwal,
    Chapter 10 is unavailable. Will you be kind enough to
    to provide the same recited by Anuradha Pauduwal, for
    which I shall remain grateful to you ? Thank you very much for providing these Audio MP3 files in the web site.

  14. Good

  15. Bagwatgeta 18 all caupter downlord

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