Chapter 1 Verse 20

Atha vyavasthitaan drishtwaa dhaartaraashtraan kapidhwajah;
Pravritte shastrasampaate dhanurudyamya paandavah.

Hrisheekesham tadaa vaakyamidamaaha maheepate;

20. Then, seeing all the people of Dhritarashtra’s party standing arrayed and the discharge of weapons about to begin, Arjuna, the son of Pandu, whose ensign was that of a monkey, took up his bow and said the following to Krishna, O Lord of the Earth!

अथ व्यवस्थितान्दृष्ट्वा धार्तराष्ट्रान् कपिध्वजः।

प्रवृत्ते शस्त्रसम्पाते धनुरुद्यम्य पाण्डवः।।20।।

हे राजन ! इसके बाद कपिध्वज अर्जुन ने मोर्चा बाँधकर डटे हए धृतराष्ट्र सम्बन्धियों को देखकर, उस शस्त्र चलाने की तैयारी के समय धनुष उठाकर

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