Gita from Mahabharat – Part 1 of 3

Gita from Mahabharat – 1


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  1. All scriptures are coded with symbols and laws in the form of a drama reflecting the composites of the Human Being. This helps us to understand who we are, what we are, our purpose for being and how we should live our lives. Clearly it defines our Physical Structure, the Mind and the Soul.

    My understanding of the Mahabharata, depicts the holy plain or Inner bodily field of the human being controlled by the Brain’s Cerebrospinal Nervous System, The Grand Sympathetic Nervous System and the Parasympathetic Nervous System, and the Spinal Column with its Chakras, (The Holy Tri-Unity) on which the Pandavas, the five Chakras or bodies of consciousness, representing all that is virtuous, and righteous, and the Kauravas, the EGO – the uncontrolled activities of a blind mind, representing all that is materialistic – Our Vices – Void of Attributes, wage battle for the attainment of Self-Realization.

    Here we identify the bodies of our inner bodily field or holy plain – our consciousness:

    The Bodies of the Spirit and Soul (The Superior Mind)
    1) The Atma or Innermost – The Spirit -Yudhisthir – (TRUTH & MERCY) Divine Calmness or Divine Discrimination. Truth remains unchanged, and undisturbed by the violent plays of nature’s forces. Similarly, waves of sensual or emotional desires that can ripple the consciousness, and distort perception, have no effect on Truth. It is the power of comparison between good and evil. The common sense that perceives all that is virtuous.

    2) The Divine Soul – Draupadi – (WISDOM AND INTELLIGENCE) The divine soul is feminine in nature and is the cosmic consciousness of the Spirit, the Atma, and is a form of conscious intelligence, a type of wisdom in relation to devotion. It is justice and strength.

    The union or Marriage of The Atma and The Divine Soul becomes the Inner Master of the consciousness and has a masculine soul-A human Soul.

    3) The Human Soul – Arjuna – (WILLPOWER AND BEAUTY)..This is the superior mind, the intuitive mind. The superior mind does not intellectualize nor think, and is related to having an awakened consciousness. The Warrior is Self-Control. Arjuna is seen as the chief devotee of Lord Krishna, because he represents self-control, patience and determination, without which, no spiritual progress is possible. The Warrior who fights to protect the mental and bodily strength in warding off the attack of the sense forces of materialism and sense-bound body consciousness.

    The Bodies of the mind: (The Inferior Mind)
    4) The Astral Body – Nakula – (Glory) The power of the Emotions, Obedience to the Rules of Virtue. (In Sanskrit is it known as Kama rupa-vehicle of desire) It is here our desires and our EGO resides.

    5) The Mental Body – Sahadeva – (Victory) The Power of Resistance by which restless outer sense organs can be controlled. This is the intellectual mind that rationalizes.

    6) The Vital Body – Bhima – (Foundation) The Power of Vitality and Sexuality. The superior part of the physical body.

    A Marriage or Union of the five bodies with The Divines Soul often referred to the ‘Perfect Marriage’ is the path that leads the consciousness to Self Realization.

    Now, my question to you is this – Kunti, the divine mother, who is the primodial energy..the energy that creates, (the sacred sexual energy), after being molested by the sun (the solar energy in the blood), would she not have been giving birth to the first stage of the human soul being desire and attachment for which KARNA is indicative? Is this not the reason she placed this baby (soul) in a basket (the spinal medullar) the sperm..and sets it on it’s journey in the waters (the physical mother’s womb) to develop and grow?

    Please tell me what Karna is if not that of Desire and Attachment?

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