Gita for Children – 3

Continued from Gita for Children – 2

The body is subject to constant change. There is not even a fraction of a second when the body is not undergoing change. We can notice, after a few days that our finger nails have grown, and that our hair have grown. The skin is entirely replaced in a month. The lining of the stomach renews itself in a week. Scientists have concluded that all the atoms in the body are replaced within a period of about five years.

The Rishis were seers with highly purified minds who could fine-tune their minds to establish contacts with the cosmic or divine all pervading Consciousness and receive intuitive knowledge. The Rishis had realised since the ancient times that not only the human body was subject to constant change but everything in nature was subject to change. This included animals, birds, insects, plants and trees, rivers, mountains, the earth, the sun and the moon, the planets and the stars; in fact everything that is external to us.

The Rishis also observed that everything that may be described as internal (mind, intellect etc.) was also subject to constant change. The different states of the mind will make us experience happiness that can change into unhappiness, peaceful mind can become restless mind, timidity can change into valour, fear can change into fearlessness, hatred can turn into love.

The Rishis found that the Soul or the Self was not subject to any changes.

To get to know the Soul is our first goal in life. Since I AM THE SOUL, do I not know the Soul? The answer is a definite NO! The scriptures and the Rishis have said so. The reason given is that a veil of ignorance keeps us in the dark from knowing our Self. When we remove this veil or layers of ignorance, then the Self is realised. This is called SELF REALISATION. When we remove a thick layer of dust from the surface of a mirror, then our reflections can be seen in the mirror.

If I feel hungry then I must eat food to overcome the hunger. If I feel hungry in my stomach, it will not help if I ask another person to eat the food to eliminate my hunger. Self realisation is to be experienced by the individual.

The second goal after self realisation is described as SALVATION or LIBERATION. The merging of the indwelling Soul with the all pervading Super Soul (Supreme Reality or God Consciousness). The indwelling soul is liberated from the rounds of births and deaths. Then it is said to have achieved Liberation..

When we buy a new gadget, a new motor car or a television set, an instructions manual comes with, telling how to make the best use of the gadget or the equipment. Similarly, there is an instructions manual that tells how to make the best use of the body-mind-intellect (B-M-I) equipments.

Young girl: Mommy, how nice! I would really like to get to know how to make the best use of the B-M-I equipments. Please tell me where I can find this manual?

To be continued…….

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  1. Hi Saadhika maataji…
    I just came thro’ ur blog by chance…Really u r doing a great work.
    one small correction
    Scientists have concluded that all the CELLS in the body are replaced within a period of about 7 years.

    Please See my blog

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